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Data Security Architecture: Is Your Data Really Protected?

Posted by Pete Flagella on Apr 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

The Problem 

Are you faced with gaps in your current data security architecture? If you could fill those gaps with a cost-effective, platform-independent encryption solution with key management and tokenization to protect your business data today, would you? Could you afford not to?

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Users Will Be Users – Don’t Hold That Against Them

Posted by Jeff Cherrington on Jan 21, 2015 7:18:00 PM

After a relatively quiet holiday on the data protection front (thank you, world, for no repeat of anything like last year’s Target® Stores data breach), a few things are starting to pop in the media the last few days. Some are expected annual summaries & reports, while some are from popular media. The latter comes from late night television – Jimmy Kimmel Live! ® aired a vignette of an on-the-street reporter asking passers-by for their passwords. This bit makes a nice bookend to a study done a decade ago, showing that more than two thirds of those asked would give up their password in exchange for a chocolate bar.

Kimmel posts video showing users giving their passwords to a random interviewer on street

While so much has changed in the last ten years, some things remain largely the same.  While it’s disappointing to see that many can still be tricked out of their passwords with very simple social engineering tactics, I find it encouraging that password security is becoming so commonly appreciated that it can be fodder for late night talk shows. 

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