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Data Security Architecture: Is Your Data Really Protected?

Posted by Pete Flagella on Apr 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

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The Problem 

Are you faced with gaps in your current data security architecture? If you could fill those gaps with a cost-effective, platform-independent encryption solution with key management and tokenization to protect your business data today, would you? Could you afford not to?

In today's environment, your organization – regardless of size or industry – is potentially at risk of a data security breach and theft. Being proactive instead of reactive is more critical now than ever. With so many options and models available in the data security architecture realm, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do. Cyber-attacks are more frequent now than ever before, and it is crucial to make sure every aspect of your data has protection.

Data security is something that should never be taken lightly, and its depth is often overlooked, complicated and confusing. While most companies have some level of data security, the primary focus is on 'Data Perimeter Security’; managing identity and access control to sensitive data. These solutions provide 'User and Entity Behavior Management' (UEBM), and the scary truth is that these systems can and have been breached (more on this in our next blog). 

Current estimates indicate that in 2020 the average cost of a data breach will exceed $150 million as more business infrastructures become more connected. 95% of these breaches are most likely to happen within the public sectors (local and state government), healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, however, just about every industry has become a target. These cyber-attack targets are easier to breach due primarily to outdated technology architectures. This makes them more vulnerable to data theft and thus requires long-term, expensive solutions to provide the necessary protection. 

You might have some level of systems security today covering users and networks, but is every aspect of your data covered? It is important to learn where holes in security systems reside and how to better protect them from future breaches.

The Solution

Data Encryption is an essential line of defense in your data security architecture. In fact, it’s the last line of defense! Hacking the data perimeter security is becoming all too common.  Once breached, access to critical data is only a step or two away. Encryption can lockdown and protect data in motion between applications as well as securing data at rest; potentially rendering stolen data as useless. Tokenization can also be an excellent way to provide data protection by making it more difficult for hackers to gain data access. In turn, minimizing cost and complexity of industry standards as well as government regulations.

Prime Factors' EncryptRIGHT is a cost-effective, platform-independent software solution that can give your business the ability to implement Encryption with Key Management and Tokenization providing customizable configuration options you need today for tomorrow’s cyber-attacks and data breaches, no matter how simple or complex your situation.

What does this mean to your organization? 

  • Cross-platform deployment flexibility and integration with a robust and configurable API library on a wide range of IT infrastructures from simple to complex – no HSM required.
  • Key Management and Tokenization capabilities configurable to your needs and full audit report capabilities to help you ensure your systems are PCI Compliant.
  • Available for the following operating systems: zOS, IBMi (AS/400), Solaris, AIX, Linux, and Windows 

Filling the gaps in your data security architecture with the EncryptRIGHT software solution is easy and cost-effective with implementation typically accomplished within days or weeks.

Prime Factors understands that data security is a “prime factor” to any organization regardless of size or industry. Before you become the next headline, contact one of our knowledgeable employees to schedule a free demo or consultation and learn how EncryptRIGHT can meet your needs today for tomorrow's challenges.

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