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HSM Surveyor and supported hardware security modules -- What next?

Posted by Jeff Cherrington on Apr 13, 2015 11:04:05 AM

Most readers of this blog recall that Prime Factors' introduced HSM Surveyor last February -- if you missed it, see the press release or listen to my interview of Sr. Solution Architect, Mary Still where she described its capabilities.  During that webinar and since, we've received a lot of questions about HSM Surveyor, its current capabilities, and how it can be used.  As promised, we'll be replying to those questions in this blog, over the next few weeks.


It seems the most common question has been "Does HSM Surveyor support HSM vendor X?" or "Does it support HSM model Y?"  As noted in various descriptions for the application, the initial release supports Thales e-Security®'s payShield® 9000 HSM.  Priority was placed on that vendor and model, due both to the increase in the number of those appliances individual enterprises are deploying and to importance they have as EMV card issuance volume is increasing.  Customers adopting HSM Surveyor now enjoy the luxury of seeing graphical representations of payShield performance and available capacity at a glance, for individual units or for user-selected units grouped in pools.

HSM Surveyor's architecture was designed for extensibility across many HSM models from many vendors.  While the first release supports payShield 9000, releases later this year will support additional appliances, with subsequent releases continuing to expand the list of models and vendors.  Prime Factors intends to offer customers the chance to manage all their HSMs from a single view, regardless of which vendor provides the component.

Which models or vendors will be supported in the next release of HSM Surveyor, and which will be supported in subsequent releases will reflect what we hear from you -- those standing "closest to the coalface" of HSM management -- about what is most important.  We want to hear from you -- please use the comments section below to tell us which hardware security modules Prime Factors should add support for next.

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