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Still is a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Prime Factors, with over 15 years experience with the payment card data security market, particularly the secure management of payment card personalization
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3 More Questions about HSM Surveyor

Posted by Mary Still on Apr 23, 2015 4:00:00 AM

In last week's post, I responded to one of the critical questions about Prime Factors' new hardware security module performance/capacity visualization application, HSM Surveyor™.  That question, and the three I will address in this post, came from the recent webinar introducing Surveyor, its capabilities, and how it helps enterprises improve quality of service while controlling cost.  More questions are coming in, which I will address in future posts. 

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HSM Management - Distinguishing Legitimate PIN Management from Attacks?

Posted by Mary Still on Apr 16, 2015 4:00:00 AM

When Jeff Cherrington and I first introduced HSM Surveryor™ in a webinar last February, the audience submitted many questions - more than we had time to answer before the end of the session.  As promised, each will be addressed in Prime Factors' blog, including this one:

Fraud detection, PIN attacks -- how does HSM Surveyor distinguish between regular, legitimate PIN generation/verification versus attacks on the PIN management process?

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I Want [EMV] Chips with That Sandwich - the Jimmy Johns Data Breach

Posted by Mary Still on Sep 30, 2014 3:06:00 PM

News of the Jimmy Johns breach displays front and center the need for a quick and smooth adoption of EMV in the US. The reported subsequent fraud, using sensitive card data captured from the breach, would have been much less useful if EMV chip cards had been used. While we can’t predict that adoption of EMV will hasten because of such examples, we do know that EMV migration is the necessary preventative measure against counterfeiting and card present fraud. [Also, Tom Groenfeldt of Forbes magazine noted a spike in card present fraud in advance of the EMV liability shift date, as discussed in this prior post.]

I asked an expert, Dave Tushie, Product Manager for Prime Factors' BCSS, just why this is so. Here is some of that exchange.

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